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Electrical License: CRESSM99ORO (low voltage)
Crescent Sheet Metal

Replacement Equipment and Installation

Protect Your HVAC Investment

Scheduled maintenance twice yearly will keep your heating and cooling system working at its peak performance level. Knowledgeable, reliable service is just a phone call away when you purchase an Extended Maintenance Agreement. For questions or to add coverage, Contact Us.

Our Extended Maintenance Agreement offers:

Money savings

Protect your investment with extended maintenance agreements, renewably annually.

Convenient service

One call and we handle it all. Peace of mind.

Complete parts and labor coverage on any mechanical installation

From repairs and maintenance to installation, you can trust Crescent Sheet Metal with all HVAC system needs. Take comfort in the confidence that all work is backed by licensed & insured Union contractors.


How to tell if you are in need of a new HVAC system:

❏ Your system is more than 7 years old
❏ Your current system requires frequent repairs or stops working
❏ Some rooms are consistently too hot or too cold
❏ Your current system runs excessively, or constantly turns on and off
❏ Your utility bills are high

Proudly serving the Greater Puget Sound area with HVAC repair and installation since 1967