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Contractors License: CRESCSM003KN
Electrical License: CRESSM99ORO (low voltage)
Crescent Sheet Metal
HVAC Air Conditioning maintenance plans Over 1,700 Successful Completed Projects! Projects Family Owned


How to tell if you are in need of a new HVAC system:

❏ Your system is more than 7 years old
❏ Your current system requires frequent repairs or stops working
❏ Some rooms are consistently too hot or too cold
❏ Your current system runs excessively, or constantly turns on and off
❏ Your utility bills are high

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❏ Commercial Buildings
❏ High-rise Building and Mixed Use Projects
❏ Hospitals and Clinics
❏ Industrial Facilities and Chemical Plants
❏ Laboratories
❏ Wastewater and Water Treatment Facilities
❏ Research and Development Centers
❏ Tenant Improvements
❏ Public and Private Schools
❏ Cultural Facilities, Hotels, and Restaurants

1,700+ successful project completions!

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Proudly serving the Greater Puget Sound area with HVAC repair and installation since 1967