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Maintenance Plans

Did you know approximately 40% of all nonresidential buildings contract maintenance service for mechanical systems and equipment? Without a sufficiently large and well trained in-house Operation and Maintenance staff, a dependable service agreement with a company you can trust may be your best means of maintaining your building in an organized, ongoing manner. That’s why we’d like to extend our hand. And who better to trust with the life of your equipment than the ones who put it there and know it best!

Let Crescent Sheet Metal assist you with the service and maintenance satisfaction you deserve!

Full-Coverage Mechanical Service

100% coverage of labor, parts, and materials as well as emergency service. Includes comprehensive preventative maintenance for the covered equipment and systems.

Preventative-Maintenance Service

Physical inspection and routine care of your specific systems, customized to your building’s individual needs. Includes a number of essential scheduled and rigorous tasks that, when performed systematically, increase reliability, reduce equipment degradation, and sustain energy efficiency.

Inspection Service

Get answers to the many troubling questions regarding temperature control, indoor air quality, and optimum performance of your HVAC systems. Includes a site assessment, thorough physical inspection and mechanical survey, and a Building Maintenance Plan to keep your building running at premium efficiency.

We look forward to servicing any of your Operation and Maintenance needs. For more information, contact Guy Hamilton, Owner/President.

Proudly serving the Greater Puget Sound area with HVAC repair and installation since 1967